Simplified Kubernetes

VMware Tanzu Mission Control
is a centralized hub for simplified,
multi-cloud, multi-cluster Kubernetes management.

Modern App Solutions Offering

  • Workload Migration

    Today cloud represents an important opportunity for modernization both from an application and a technological point of view. The need is basically to use cloud oriented, containerized and micro-service-based applications. However, if the vision on the cloud is often well defined, the workload migration path is rather complex or at least articulated. A "workload migration" involves physically moving data, applications and services from one environment to another, from on-premises to the cloud or even from one cloud to another. Migrations of this type obviously impact the entire infrastructure and services, such as backup and security that will have to be implemented in the new environment. Nonetheless, portability and workload migration are at the heart of application modernization, and the adoption of the enterprise cloud itself. After all, the ability to migrate applications allows organizations to take advantage of the features and price-performance models of multiple providers that offer "cloud services"

  • Assessment

    The approach to the Cloud is not always easy and immediate to the point where it is necessary to carry out an Assessment with certified tools able to analyze the as-is and produce a report that highlights problems, non-conformities, and criticalities with the aim of define the path to the cloud. Using tools such as Sonobuoy conveyed by Tanzu Mission Control, it is possible to analyze and validate the environments, and this applies to both the Cloud and the on premise.


  • Monitor as a service

    The adoption of the "Cloud Native" philosophy for their business workflows cannot ignore the efficiency of the solutions adopted, whether they are On Premise or Multi-Cloud. Through the proprietary tool “VMware Aria Operations for Applications” it is possible to have the visibility and full control of your Kubernetes environments, wherever they are, on public or private Cloud, and from any type of platform they find themselves operating. "VMware Aria Operations for Applications" constantly monitors and analyzes metrics, logs and evidence of all the components of its software stack, clusters, nodes, pods and containers, allowing you to intervene in real time to optimize the performance and performance of the "Modern Applications”, directly from a single unified dashboard accessible via web browser.

  • Security as a service

    Attacks and cyber threats to organizations, through ramsoware, are now commonplace and are becoming increasingly sophisticated, aggressive, difficult to manage and prevent, especially in multi-cloud environments. Virtualization leader VMware recently introduced innovative distributed security capabilities that detect and block side threats for modern and traditional applications. Contexa Threat Intelligence, thanks to its privileged position in the infrastructure, observes and understands the inner workings of both modern and traditional applications at every stage, and is therefore able to protect organizations' multi-cloud environments from rapidly evolving threats (zero detection -touch). Thanks to the features of VMware Tanzu Service Mesh, it is possible to obtain visibility and insights into the internal functioning of application micro-services that interact with each other via internal APIs (east-west). VMware Contexa enables Tanzu Service Mesh to understand the context of internal traffic flows and accurately identify legitimate internal traffic from the internal movement of attacks such as ransomware.