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We are living in a ‘more-faster-now’ digital world and customer’s expectations are reaching extraordinary heights! Their insatiable appetite for instant information and a unified customer experience from any touch point has become the new norm. How do we help 40 million people enjoy our promise of a wellness lifestyle and keep them up-to-date on everything we do, at anytime they want to know? We stepped up to the challenge by creating an ‘always-on’ enterprise content management system to connect the right information with our customers, our sales staff, marketing and support people at anytime, regardless of the point of decision. Using Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform running on a 5x9’s uptime IT infrastructure, we succeeded in extending our ‘TechnoGym Ecosystem’ strategy of integrating fitness machines, customer mobile Apps, content, personal training programs and cloud. We no longer make do with hoping to connect with as many customers as we can. Today, we expect to connect and share with everyone in our value chain who desires instant access to quality information.


TechnoGym is a global leader in fitness and wellness technologies, services and design products, thanks to our complete range of cardio, strength and functional training equipment. We are dedicated to helping people adopt a wellness lifestyle from anywhere. In the past we have struggled with having plenty of data but not enough valuable information. We were running expensive silos of data that could never reach their business value potential while they sat isolated from the global locations of the company as a whole. Fragmented data, different versions and sort-of-accessible datasets made it impossible to create a unified information experience for customers and employees alike.

An omnichannel approach

We were already moving towards an “omnichannel business strategy” for improved global presence but we needed to bolster it with a reliable flow of managed information between our heterogeneous systems, such as our e-commerce platform, inventory & fulfilment systems, enterprise back-office systems and even our customer facing “MyWellness Cloud Digital Platform”. Whether customers are browsing online for the latest product information, or connecting to the cloud to download their recent workout statistics or if our sales people need to access transactional data on a handheld to complete a sale, all the necessary content must be instantly accessible and up-to-date.

The right partner with proven experience and expertize

To help create this end-to-end flow of quality content and information we partnered with TAI SOLUTIONS to guide us on our journey. With over tens years of experience in designing content management systems they proposed the Alfresco Enterprise Digital Platform to get the job done. Essential to the success of the project was to sign-up to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 5x9’s uptime.

A rock solid architecture design with classic Failover & Disaster Recovery layers was implemented to fulfill the SLA; an Apache load balancer in a high availability cluster propped-up the front-end Web Layer, a similar configuration on the back-end Repository Layer with extra performance boosting capacity for ingestion operations during large imports, and an Oracle 12c solution running on a highly redundant NAS Cluster over NFS provided the necessary resilience on the Content Layer.

In addition to the architecture and engineering, TAI SOLUTIONS completed integration with other internal systems like SAP and developed customized features such as workflow management APIs, archiving logic and triggers for notifications, kick-starting workflows and SAP synchronization.

With the right levels of redundancy, performance and connectivity we can now rely on our requested uptime SLA, we can handle tens of millions of documents without worrying about performance and we have in place the right partner to add any system to our global information flow.

“With over 40 million people using our products we understand the challenge of business at scale.
We know that every customer has individual needs and demands, and we meet these challenges with technology and innovation.
TAI SOLUTIONS has not just engineered a highly reliable content management system for us but they helped us understand that its full potential can only be reached through listening to every idea and paying attention to every detail.
Technology & Innovation

A future of information at speed

We continue on our mission of spreading the Wellness Lifestyle to everyone on the planet who desires healthy living based on movement, nutrition and a positive mental approach. But people need information at their fingertips to keep in the loop of constant change. Therefore digital innovation has become the bedrock of our business strategy for the future. To connect our global employees and 40,000,000 people in 200,000 homes, in 65,000 fitness centers, in 100+ countries everyday with our Wellness Lifestyle & Product information we can rely on our Content Management System to keep all informed.

We know that wellness as a lifestyle brings important benefits to the individual and society but to sustain its value we must leverage the power of business digital transformation to build a future of information at speed.

“IT infrastructure and software are huge investments with no real guarantee of healthy economic returns. This is why we work with highly experienced partners like TAI SOLUTIONS to design, develop and implement sophisticated solutions like our CMS & BPM platform. They understand that we are running a successful business and they do everything possible to make our information assets reach maximum strategic & economic value”
Finance & Controlling
“We are dedicated to helping people keep fit and healthy. By combining the mechanics of scientifically proven fitness machines with the right information technology and connectivity we can understand our customers better, serve them better and build even better products in the future”
Technology & Innovation