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Embracing Open Source

by Piergiorgio Lucidi

Embrace Open Source with the new Apache ComDev Framework

As mentioned in the previous post, Piergiorgio Lucidi our Chief Technology Evangelist and Digital Transformation Specialist was involved at the last OpenExpo Europe on behalf of the Apache Software Foundation.

Piergiorgio worked with Ignasi Barrera and Luciano Resende (other Apache Members) keeping a session about how to build a healthy community and which challenges any project face going in Open Source:


Piergiorgio proposed to build a framework for approaching each topic in a smart way and for letting people to easily join the discussion but also to explain issues and how those can be solved.

Open Standards are the unique and smart way to approach this tricky task, embracing Open Source is going to be the natural way for each company to setup and build its own business model.

The main problem here is that there is no Open Source without a Community behind a project. Before starting to go in Open Source, a company should know how to approach its own path to be really Open and in a transparent way.

The framework consists of sharing the challenges and the proposed action plan for each topic, and the topics are:

  • Challenges projects face when going open source

  • Building a Community

  • Diversity

  • Why Open Governance

The entire framework related to the Open Debate is freely available at the following Apache Wiki page:


This can be considered a simple guideline to everyone interested to in Open Source from scratch. Be aware that, depending on your core business, it can be improved focusing on specific needs.

Piergiorgio and the other Apache Members received a lot of feedback and questions about this topic during and after the debate. This is currently a hot topic in the enterprise context and we are absolutely sure that InnerSource could be a real and strategic answer to this challenge.

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The Author

Piergiorgio Lucidi

Chief Technology Evangelist

Piergiorgio is an Open Source enthusiast and evangelist; since he was he kid he grown up with videogames and programming with Commodore 64 and AMIGA computers, moving on to PC DOS and Windows and finally approaching GNU / Linux operating systems.

He is deeply engaged in Open Source communities as a key contributor particularly in the Jboss RedHat and Apache Software Foundation international teams; he's a Certified Alfresco Instructor, Engineer, Administrator and author of whitepapers and toolkits in the ECM arena.

Besides his technology passion, he is also a musician who started to play guitar at the age of seventeen and co-founded of the Jazz/Fusion band LOB Tech Tones. He is a strong Creative Commons Supporter spreading copyleft during open events and barcamps.


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