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#IStayatHome #ThankstoTechnology

by Carlo Bellia

In this difficult moment, which closely affects our lives, we are proud to provide a small contribution to improve the daily life of many people.

Our XMS3 Manager platform is the basis of the NRE (new electronic prescription), Regione Toscan’s system, active since middle of March, which allows to request drugs prescription through a phone call to the family physician and receive an SMS containing the code that can be used at any chemist’s to reclaim the medications.

This solution was strongly requested by the regional authorities as part of the strategy to control the diffusion on Coronavirus, and in particular to protect more exposed people, with medical conditions requiring constant treatment, avoiding the need to go to medical cabinets in order to get prescriptions.

XMS3 Manager, hosted on Toscan Cloud System (SCT), is currently handling a flow of 50.000 SMSs a day, and it’s been designed on a scalable architecture in order to accommodate use by other regions and public services.


TAI has offered at no charge the update and scaling up of the product to handle increased volumes of usage and extension to other regions who have already asked to enable the solution for them, including Sardinia, Marche, Abruzzo, Friuli, Aosta Valley, Calabria and the province of Bolzano.