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The job of bringing the future closer to as a team*

by Carlo Bellia

Building processes, infrastructures, and applications to ensure sustainable growth resistant to every challenge of tomorrow


«We live in equally wonderful and uncertain times, in constant and rapid change, in which doing business means facing opportunities, unthinkable only a few years ago, and challenges of increasing difficulty, from ever more fluid and multifaceted competition to rules and obligations to which pay close attention. Digital is at the center of this change, a real engine of competitiveness: pervasive, transformative, in some cases even revolutionary, with that “digital disruption” which is capable of redesigning the balance of entire industries».

Mariangela Torre, President of the TAI Software Solution Board of Directors, intervenes by taking stock of the situation in the digital transition landscape, emphasizing the challenges that this entails.

«The current era is that of data, a heritage that to express its value requires the ability to transform its potential into action through DataOps methodologies, but which also needs protection and safeguarding, making it flow smoothly inside and outside the company, sure of have full control over it, in a constantly evolving dataflow».

«These are challenges and opportunities whose extent requires the commitment of the whole village "- adds Andrea Ricchiuto, COO TAI, son of Mariangela Torre, as well as second generation at the helm of the company together with his sister Francesca - I am referring to a set of figures capable of working in concert, each with the best of their skills, to build and increase that “digital advantage” which is fundamental today to overcome the challenges of the market».

«TAI, born in 1987, in all these years has seen and experienced many "revolutions", "but the constant that has allowed us to evolve and grow - underlines Francesca Ricchiuto - was having understood the importance of" teaming up ", inside and outside the company, choosing people and partners to rely on to realize our mission: to build processes, infrastructures and applications capable of ensuring our customers a sustainable and future-proof growth».

And this is the story of TAI.

The TAI way: the Data Flow Company, the centrality of data in the evolutionary processes of companies

«The growing centrality of data requires a new awareness of their value and importance, capable of acting as a pivot to a process of digital transformation that makes companies and institutions suitable for the challenges of the future. It is not new that data is a potential source of value for any organization - explains Francesca Ricchiuto - but to be transformed from a rough diamond into a jewel, a series of interventions is required that direct an increasingly complex and sophisticated transformation process. TAI has gained solid experience in the field in the processes and in the use of data collection, enrichment, security, and distribution technologies.

Through the knowledge of modern architectures and the ability to integrate the legacy world to preserve its value, we can assist and support customers in the transition towards scalable, secure, efficient, and adaptable infrastructures and applications to cloud, hybrid or totally on-premises models.

TAI has built its DataFlow Company model on four pillars:

collection and normalization of raw data (structured and unstructured).
Enrich: transformation, enrichment, reconciliation, generation of predictive and prescriptive algorithms.
Secure: the issue of data security and compliance with numerous regulations has become central. Privacy-by-design is a seemingly simple concept that requires in-depth knowledge of all levels of the technology stack to be effectively applied.
Deliver: storage, organization and distribution of the processed data respond to logic that requires management of the communication not only of the static data but also of the data in progress on distributed and very heterogeneous platforms».

«The Data Flow Company expresses all of our know-how - concludes Andrea Ricchiuto - concentrated in a model that can be replicated and adaptable in all contexts where technology must support the creation of value from information».


«Always be able to freely make the most appropriate design choices together with the customer, to get the best out of them to the expected results» this is the Vision expressed by Mariangela Torre and expressed by her children Andrea and Francesca Ricchiuto.

«To obtain this result - Francesca points out - we have made an important journey. First, we have selected a growing number of excellent partners with whom to establish quality relationships, committing ourselves to getting to know them the offer thoroughly to know how to implement it in the best possible way. This requires a large investment in terms of training annual, but the freedom to choose partners to involve and solutions to adopt is experienced in TAI as a responsibility towards project and customer».

«To transform projects into results - continues Andrea - we have based our project management “best practices” (PRINCE2, ISIPM, ITIL) to develop a TAI method particularly suitable for the sustainable development of projects enterprise type, even very complex ones. This led to constructive discussions with the academic world, to which we make contributions of various kinds: scientific publications, tutorship of graduate students, participation in boards and commissions, up to keynotes in important conferences all over the world ».

TAI, a story that has continued since 1987

Founded in Florence in 1987, TAI is a Next-Gen System Integrator with a constant eye on the future, capable of conceiving, developing and managing sustainable and innovative processes, infrastructures and IT applications. Hundreds of the most important national and international companies in different sectors and markets have built and improved their digital advantage using the expertise gained in almost 35 years of activity.

TAI, with a technical team of over 180 specialists and IT Consultants, and through a consolidated ecosystem of technological partners, stands alongside its customers right from the design, planning and implementation phases of new technological paradigms enabling the digital transformation of the main business processes.

«DevOps, Microservices development, Analytics and BigData Solutions, digital platforms for portals and document systems are some of the areas where our excellence is best expressed», Andrea Ricchiuto points out.

With an aggregate turnover growing by over 160 million euros in 2020, TAI consolidates the activities of 3 companies in Italy, placing itself among the top Italian private operators in the IT market; it has also had a stable presence in Germany and Spain for some time, where specific Competence Centers have been set up to support the operations of the entire group.
The ambition is to become one of the main operators on the European market over the next 5 years.


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* Taken from the article: "DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION- Excellent Realities" by Sole 24 ore