Learn how Cohesity
is reinventing
secondary storage


Since the beginning, Cohesity has set out on a mission to redefine secondary storage and enable enterprises to take back control of their data. The Orion release takes us another giant step towards realizing that mission.

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage enables enterprises to do 3 things:


  • 1. Consolidate secondary storage silos on one web-scale platform

    Orion consolidates traditional storage silos including backup software, deduplication appliances, file storage, object storage, and cloud gateway, on a single scale-out platform with best-in-class space efficiency. Cohesity is designed to SCALE to hundreds of nodes to manage large volumes of data efficiently.

  • 2. Deliver data instantly for recovery, test/dev, and analytics

    Orion doesn’t just do Copy Data Management, it eliminates the need to make redundant copies of data. Unlike other “backup first” solutions, our patented SnapTree™ technology creates instant clones of any data (backups, files, objects), at scale, to any point-in-time, with no performance impact. It presents that data back to the end-user on fully distributed, high-performance, resilient NFS / SMB / S3 Views to enable applications to directly mount the data for instant recovery, test/dev workflows, and analytics.

  • 3. Build a multicloud data fabric

    Orion makes public cloud easy. It provides native integration with all the leading public clouds (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud) for long-term data retention (CloudArchive) and bursting (CloudTier). Now customers can also deploy Cohesity in the cloud (CloudEdition) to replicate and actively manage cloud data. Customers can automatically bring up data and applications in the cloud for disaster recovery, test/dev, and analytics.

The new features in Orion:
  • Simple data protection and instant recovery for any platform

  • Unlimited scale-out files and objects with global search

  • Multicloud data fabric for disaster recovery, test/dev, and analytic

  • Cohesity SpanFS™ and SnapTree™: Web-Scale File System, Designed for Secondary Storage


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