Cloud Computing with AWS


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most complete and widely used Cloud platform, and today offers more than 200 comprehensive Data Center services globally. Millions of customers around the world, across all market sectors, including the fastest growing startups, largest companies and industry-leading government agencies, use AWS to be more secure, agile and resilient but also to innovate faster.

TAI SOLUTIONS has always paid particular attention to the Cloud, starting from the beginning; either for the innate spirit of exploring new technologies and solutions, or for solicitations that came from customers, in fact we have always ridden the wave of innovation.
A new partnership was born with AWS precisely by virtue of the knowledge acquired over time and to expand our offer portfolio. We like to be protagonists and support our customers in the adoption of new solutions and technologies that are changing the world and especially that of IT, carrying out Digital Transformation projects on AWS in every area.
Machine Learning, Big Data, CLoud-Native application development and migrations to the cloud are our daily bread, and we do it with certified people dedicated to the AWS world.
  • Professional services

    Cloud Adoption brings great benefits, but it has its own rules, its own paradigms, and for this reason it is necessary to work alongside certified professionals with the experience gained over time and in the field. This approach certainly allows you to speed up its adoption. Evangelization, coaching, training on the job constitute the key elements on which our methodology is based to allow the customer on the one hand the achievement of the necessary skills, and on the other the achievement of a level of autonomy to be able to continue on the path of the Cloud going to carry out absolutely innovative projects. With our professional services all this can become reality.

  • Cloud Native

    Creating Cloud-Native applications is a bit like the desire and need of almost all companies that today have decided to innovate. Developing Cloud-native software on AWS and definitely improves the user’s experience. An application ready to scale up and down to maximize elements such as UpTime and minimize the use of resources when they are not needed to cope with peaks in requests both up and down is definitely the goal of all companies, if we then add greater resilience and cost reduction, we have completed the framework of requests. To achieve these goals, we must change the method we use to develop, approach the design, implement and deliver services; last but not the least how we manage the software. New applications, re-engineering of existing ones, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are arguments and activities that we deal with and carry out every day through our professionals.

  • Managed Services

    For our customers we manage their AWS infrastructures with the express purpose of guaranteeing an ever higher Up-Time and freeing up their resources so that they can dedicate themselves to business. Our team of AWS experts will take care of all aspects of infrastructure management. Proactive monitoring is the basis of our approach: backup, restore, patching, DR tests and much more will become our tasks. Certainly, and already from the first year, the customer can find an important saving on critical interventions and more. We do not invent anything; we add value to the methodologies that the Cloud Native imposes.