Innovate Faster in a Multi-Cloud World


It was back in February 1999, and an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal announced to the world that a company born in California in 1999 was launching virtualization software on the market:

First Product Brings Freedom

VMware presents its first product, Workstation 1.0, at DEMO 1999. “VMware Brings Freedom of Choice to Your Desktop,” declares The Wall Street Journal, and programmers around the world delight in the product, which allows a user to run multiple operating systems as virtual machines, all on a single PC.

TAI SOLUTIONS began its journey of knowledge of Vmware in 2007. We took our first steps by first adopting virtualization of Vmware, and then offering ourselves to our customers as consultants, technicians and specialists.
Today more than ever, we continue this path of growth and knowledge of the various Vmware technologies, from DataCenter to Networking, from Modern Apps to the Horizon world. We are also part of a selected group of companies that provide professional services in the name and on behalf of Vmware.
We like to consider Vmware a true partner with whom to work together every day, reliable and always innovative that accompanies us on this path of business growth and development.
  • Modern Application

    The advent of the Cloud has certainly changed the paradigm with which to write new applications with which to meet new needs. Flexibility, portability between the on-premises mode and the Cloud in the various declinations today are the masters. Today there are countless customers who have developed thousands of applications using micro-service technology, and very often all different from each other and all fundamental. VMware assists the customer from the very first steps, helping the customer in identifying the correct strategy for adopting this technology, in creating an adequate infrastructure, in developing applications, in automating the various processes and not least in proactively monitoring the environments.

    Proposed Solutions

  • Virtual Cloud Network

    Companies today are demanding greater agility, flexibility, and security for their networks. The transition from the hybrid Cloud to the public Cloud is becoming an increasingly urgent need, and Vmware's Virtual Cloud Network is a valid response to these needs; a solution that conveys the corporate network and security architecture towards the new digital era. Adopting the Virtual Cloud Network for companies means being able to operate more easily and securely, and above all come out of the “Lock-In” logic of the Hardware solutions. A Forrest study last April 2021 showed that thanks to the adoption of the Virtual Cloud Network, even "average" companies have saved millions of Euros not only in CapEx, but also in additional hardware costs in the following years. On the OpEx side, a typical company was able to decommission 30% of its existing servers, thus also avoiding the costs associated with maintenance. The Virtual Cloud Network portfolio is a comprehensive set of enterprise-class networking and security solutions ranging from NSX Data Center to VMware SD-WAN.

  • Anywhere Workspace Solution

    VMware supports users in changing the way IT delivers services to end users, providing improved user experiences and consistent performance across locations and devices, local or remote. Smartworking has certainly given a very strong boost in recent times, and these technologies are increasingly requested by users precisely for their flexibility, agility and safety. Anywhere Workspace delivers uncompromising performance and uptime, engaging user experiences, and creates a culture of flexibility and choice, leveraging the benefits of empowering employees to work smarter and better from home or on-site. No matter where you are, your desktop with data and applications follows you everywhere. All time.