There is gold in them thar hills


…is a famous line from Mark Twain’s 1892 novel The American Claimant. It speaks of rich rewards for those willing to do the digging. But the claim was also laden with risk. Did they know the quantity or quality of the pay dirt? How deep was it? Would its value cover the mining costs and yield a handsome profit?

Over a century later we are mining for a new type of gold called digital information, and like back then the task is risky. You can’t just analyze any data in the hope of finding valuable insights that justify the effort. You need to unify data management for all your data, with the stateful data context required to orchestrate multi-function analytic applications with a consistent shared data experience. Only then can you guarantee a satisfying return on your investment.

TAI SOLUTIONS offers strategic advice, implementation services and support to make Cloudera solutions in big data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), work for you—ranging from predictive maintenance and fraud detection to product recommendation engines and proactive customer support. Cloudera is a critical component of our Digital Business Transformation Applications Portfolio. We are a strategic Cloudera partner with over a decade of experience in enterprise data management solutions implementation.

Data-driven insights from Cloudera are the information gold that will help grow your business, improve efficiency and limit risk.

  • Enterprise Data Hub

    TAI SOLUTIONS uses the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub to make Apache Hadoop fast, easy and secure for your business. We can create one place for you to store and access unlimited data with multiple frameworks, all within the same platform.

  • Cloudera SDX

    With SDX it is possible for hundreds of different workloads to run against shared or overlapping sets of data. We can help you significantly reduce the amount of hardware and software to manage, increase end-user productivity by presenting data consistently and mitigate your risk by defining and enforcing security and governance alongside your data.

  • Advanced analytics the Internet of Things (IoT)

    IoT is all about scale. The possibility of billions of devices and streaming insights into performance and usage with the promise of gaining a competitive advantage through better service, improved products and lower cost supply chains. With Cloudera we can provide you with an end-to-end data management platform to capitalize on all of your IoT data for advanced analytics and machine learning, to create and capture more customer value.