Unrestricted information access is a powerful idea


The Internet let you see the world of information through one portal, now Liferay lets you take your Internet, Intranet & Social Media portals with you wherever you go. Complete enterprise information stores at your fingertips, whether you are in the office, at home or in transit. Secure access to global business data assets, enabling instant collaboration and more informed decision-making to accelerate your digital business. Liferay is a critical component of our Digital Business Transformation Applications Portfolio.

TAI SOLUTIONS offers strategic advice, implementation services and support to make the Liferay digital platform a unified and global portal into all your valuable business information. We are a highly skilled Liferay partner with over a decade of experience in enterprise class portal solutions implementation.
  • Internet Portals

    An exciting and productive Internet Portal will help you instantly find the content you require, simplify the completion of transactions and connect you to others on similar journeys. TAI SOLUTIONS uses Liferay’s Web Content Management System to create highly inclusive Internet portals that maximize business reach and provide a seamless user experience on any device.

  • Intranet Portals

    At TAI SOLUTIONS we believe that your work is no longer defined by a place 
but by how well you are connected. We are highly experienced in helping customers greatly improve collaboration, communication and access to data to solve real work problems. Using Liferay Communications we make your user experience global, local and personal, regardless of your time zone or the remoteness of your location. We make your data and collaboration with others follow you!

  • Social Media Portals

    How do you question what’s truly possible when most people do not work for you? How do you know if an idea is worthwhile pursuing without global feedback? How do you make anyone part of your product design journey? What opportunities could their ideas create for your business? These are the conversations that TAI SOLUTIONS can connect your business to with Liferay social media portal solutions.