Today’s information is digital, instant, empowering and addictive



In the first decade of the millennium we were innovating to handle the sheer volume of information efficiently, today we are refining its quality. At Pure Storage we design data platforms that are not only extremely efficient and fast but can also absorb any workload. As today’s Data Scientists unleash tools like Spark, Kafka and Elastic in search of game changing business insights we have architected data platforms that are dynamic and can deliver without compromise. Information delivery is our business.

TAI SOLUTIONS offers strategic advice, implementation services and support to make Pure Storage an integral part of your data management strategy. We are helping customers maximize the value of data way beyond their initial purpose. We architect storage and data management systems that aggregate any data types and formats at scale while preserving efficiency and performance. Pure Storage is a critical component of our Digital Business Transformation Infrastructure Portfolio.

Pure Storage Solutions


    Purpose built software to maximize on the full potential of flash storage for cloud

  • Pure1

    Cloud-based monitoring, predictive analytics and proactive support


    The all-flash enterprise class array for data consolidation and high performance


    A 100% NVMe enterprise all-flash array for Tier 1 apps


    All-flash array for cloud implementation at scale


    Converged infrastructure for quick and easy deployment & management

We are a strategic Pure Storage partner with over a decade of experience in enterprise storage & data management solutions implementation.